Work continues for the restoration of the South Villages

Work continues for the restoration of the South Villages

In the villages of Vunoi and Dhërmiu, work continues on the retraining and restoration of facades and roofs of houses.

While 60% of the works in Dhërmi and Vuno homes have been completed in 45% of them.


Part of the project is the necessary underground infrastructure for electricity, telephone and water supply.

Retraining of houses in the villages of Vunoi and Dhërmi is part of the integrated projects that the Albanian Development Fund is implementing in the Municipality of Himara, with the financing of the Albanian government and the Bank of the Council of Europe.

Traditional villages of the southern region form a unique expression of native folk architecture, distinct from their own security.

In order to protect and promote this precious heritage, the funds will be available for the “Curtain and Facade Program” to improve the conditions for preserving this important cultural heritage and to ensure that the value of this unique property , is known as a tool for economic development.

The objective of restoration is to counter the destruction and / or abandonment of traditional houses, in favor of new unknown structures.

News Source: ATA

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