Will East Germany Businesses Invest in Albania?

Will East Germany Businesses Invest in Albania?

On February 1st, the German Embassy to Tirana organized a hosting event for East Germany Economy Committee representatives where opportunities to do business in Albania were introduced.

The Committee delegation is holding an official visit in Tirana with the aim to explore new business opportunities for German investors in Albania.  At the event, the German ambassador to Tirana, Susanne Schütz, declared: “Albania offers many opportunities to foreign investors in sectors of energy, infrastructure, agriculture and tourism.”  


Schütz added that the Albanian government should further improve the country’s business climate and fight corruption and the organized crime. With this said, it is not clear how many German businesses and investors would want to take the risk and start new investment initiatives in Albania.

The East Germany Economy Committee has 200 member companies and has been working since 1952 in exploring business opportunities for German businesses in the South East Europe region. 

News source/ photo: ATA

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