VIRTUAL ALBANIA shows country’s top tourist attractions in the easiest possible way

VIRTUAL ALBANIA shows country’s top tourist attractions in the easiest possible way

“Virtual Albania” is a completely new project created by KMedia, an Italian company, now based in Albania. Its website which you can find it directly on the project site or inside the National Tourist Albanian site shows a stunning view from the drone of the downtown area in the City of Tirana.

Virtual Albania’s Creator: Albania, a “must-to-see place”. Federico Kiko Debetto is the Italian behind the most recent
tourism app – Virtual Albania. In the following exclusive interview with FOLLOW BUSINESS ALBANIA, he explains how he invented this application and why he chose Albania for it.


How did you come up with this unique app?
I invented this kind of ‘promotional tour’ 2 years ago for a small municipality in Italy, and then it was “exported” in different places and whole nations like the Faroe Islands and Albania as well.

Why did you choose Albania? Did you know it well?
Last December, I was in Albania for a video clip shooting and I was fascinated by this country where a lot is being invested in the tourism promotion. So, I decided to contact the local administration authorities to propose my idea. I received a very good reply from the Ministry of Tourism and we started a great collaboration to promote the wonderful lands of Albania. I didn’t know, and still not know so well this country, so I’m always in contact with the local administration to get information about places and most valuable location to cover.

What has impressed you most about Albania viewed from this app?
The great mix of nature, culture, history and landscapes that you can find moving across Albania, from the mountains of
the north to the islands of the south, as I say to friends, it’s a must-to-see place!!

Will you apply it to other countries?
There is a side project in the Faroe Islands right now but the one on Albania is the most complex and complete. It was presented in Tokyo at the Google Summit last May. I’ll probably apply this project in
other countries in the future, but right now, nothing is decided as yet.

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