USAID, suggestions to Elbasan municipality for sustainable economic development

USAID, suggestions to Elbasan municipality for sustainable economic development

USAID in implementation of the PLGP project (Local Government Planning and Projects) has evaluated the needs for a further local economic development in Elbasan.

USAID’s Local Economic Development Assistance came at the request of the Municipality of Elbasan, where USAID’s project leader, “PLGP”, Kevin McLaughlin, together with consultant Peter Clavelle presented to the mayor, Sejdini’s suggestions and further steps towards a sustainable local economic development. 
According to the estimates, the municipality should strengthen cooperation with the private sector and non-governmental organizations to play a greater role in economic development. USAID / PLGP estimates that integrating these different interests into a cohesive strategy is a challenge that requires leadership and a strong institutional framework.
Mayor Qazim Sejdini welcomed the USAID Local Government Planning and Localization Project Recommendations for Strengthening Local Economic Development Capacities, where strengthening of the relationship between planning and development is required. 
In this meeting, the strong and sustainable cooperation between the municipality of Elbasan and USAID was evaluated. Sejdini praised the suggestions and the whole administration is already implementing them with the sole aim of local economic development. 


News Source: ATA

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