USAID encourages farmers to apply to the National Government Scheme

USAID encourages farmers to apply to the National Government Scheme

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is supporting agriculture, tourism and agrotourism, and encourages applications in the National Government Scheme for Investment, which provides funding to farmers, entrepreneurs and owners businesses in these sectors.

USAID reminds farmers and rural sector actors that applications will be received by April 27, 2018.


Also, USAID has published that the Guidelines link for support schemes,, through which are presented all schemes, funding details, criteria and steps that should be followed for applying to financial support schemes for agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture extended the deadline for applying for investment measures in the National Farm Support Scheme 2018 through April 27.

Meanwhile, in the first phase of the application in the national agricultural support schemes that took place from 28 February to 28 March, 5852 farmers applied for 52 measures of investment and direct support in agriculture and livestock.

Deputy Agriculture Minister Dhimiter Kote told ATSH that during the first phase there was an increase of over 20% of the number of applicants compared to previous years, thanks to the simplification of all bureaucracy needed to apply.

“Farmers this year could apply with 0 documents and no cost at 36 assistance points across the country versus a file of about 13 documents that they had to apply by 2017,” said Kote.

According to Deputy Minister, the extension of the deadline until 27 April 2018 is a measure to guarantee all potential applicants who have expressed interest in investment measures, to complete the application process with o documents.

News Source: ATA

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