Transfer of the New Port of Fisheries to OMP Durrës

Transfer of the New Port of Fisheries to OMP Durrës

The new Agriculture Minister Bledi Çuçi handed the fishermen of Durres to the new Fishery Port, an investment that was completed shortly before.

“A long-standing dream of Durres fishermen today became a reality. The new Fishery Port was transferred to the Fisheries Management Organization. From now on, the fishermen themselves will manage this new investment. The pride and emotions of Qemal Bey, the chairman of OMP Durrës, as I was handing over the transfer order and the deal with the ministry, was a significant moment to understand all that this port is necessary for them. Now there will be better services and reduction of state bureaucracy, “said Minister Çuçi.


During the meeting with them he once again demonstrated government support for the fishing sector and introduced some other development programs that are expected to start this year.

“After we solved the problem of fuel for fishing and we made zero VAT for 27 customs items related to this sector, we will continue supporting with other facilities and development programs. It is a success story also the support scheme of the AZHBR for pelagic fisheries, at 20 Lek per kg which brought about a significant increase in the number of hailing from the Albanian ships. Next month, we start the EU project with € 1.4 million to support up to 50% for investment on board fishing vessels. Also in the framework of the project with Cooperazione Italiana, will come to Albania, international engineers for the preparation of port interventions projects, “said Minister of Agriculture.

The fishing sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Albania. Year 2018 results in significant export growth to 39.5% in volume. (in the value of 16.3%, is slightly smaller, as the depreciation of €) has affected. As for the fish marks, within the next three to four months, Shëngjin ends. Then it goes to Vlora and Saranda. Our target is also the reduction of illegal fishing and the formalization of small coastal artisanal fishing. Legal changes are in the assembly for approval and shortly thereafter we will start regulating this sector. Meanwhile, within the first 6 months of this year, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, vessels over 12 meters will be equipped with the new blue-box system in order for the coast to be better controlled against illegal fishing.

News Source: Ministry of Agriculture

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