Tourism development facilities improve the employment climate

Tourism development facilities improve the employment climate

The fiscal avenues that the government has taken for sustainable tourism development are significantly improving the employment climate not only in the typical coastal areas, but also in mountainous and hilly areas, where agro-tourism models are expanding.

The growing dimension that is getting engagement in the tourism sector is also being used by tour operators who are finding opportunities to diversify their products in order to shift from attractions to experience, tradition and to culinary.


For this tourist business it is cooperating with local residents to bring new tourist packages with the dynamic and multi-sector stretch that are popular and attract many tourists and visitors not only domestic but also foreign.

The construction of the road connecting Gjirokastra with the village of Tranoshisht has influenced the increase of the flow of tourists in this area. The ruins of the ancient city of Antigonea, the improvement of the infrastructure and the transformation of the area’s houses into welcoming hosts for many visitors have given the area the name of a favorite destination for tourists.

The residents of the area are improving their service to tourists and, besides food, they also offer accommodation in small rooms. Even at the peak of the tourist season, they are increasing their output in agricultural or processed products, serving traditional dishes, which are highly preferred by foreign tourists.

The growing flow of tourists has expanded the workforce, both in terms of agricultural production, livestock, service and all this business chain is reflected in more income for the families of these areas.

Looking optimistically on agrotourism as a source of value in job and income security, residents of these areas are seeking to increase investment.

They are increasing their interest in benefiting from government-sponsored projects in the field of tourism, agriculture, infrastructure and culture, as well as financial support programs, such as the “100 villages”, to further improve and expand tourism oasis in any area of ​​the country, which with little desire and fantasy are turning every natural beauty into the attraction of the tourist package.

News Source: ATA

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