Today many more small businesses than 4 years ago

Today many more small businesses than 4 years ago

At the meeting with the small business, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that today we have far more small businesses than we had four years ago.

“Businesses shut down and open this always happens. Today we have more businesses or less than 4 years ago. Today we have more. Today we have more intake or less consumption. Today we have more consumption, “said Rama.


Regarding the protest of small businesses, Rama said, “The protest continues, but is failing because most small businesses know what they are talking about and do not mind these stories. Closure of shrapnel in non-VAT related commodity markets is easy. But they have nothing to do with VAT. ”

Regarding the tax increase, Rama said that, “the truth is that this government has not raised taxes, only two, is finding me the third, let’s talk. Then the prices are not tax. The energy price is not a tax. We have not raised the property tax, it is no more than m2, just every one pays for the value of the property he has. ”

Regarding municipal taxes, the prime minister acknowledged that “there has been an increase in local tariffs. But even the municipalities have their own reasons. However, as far as this government is concerned, this government has not raised any tax. In your employees, taxes on taxes have decreased. ”

Regarding the inspections of tax inspectors, Rama addressed businesses that, “… if you have a problem once with inspectors and the way they behave, I have 10 times. If you’re once insulted, I’m 10 times the face of the state, but the medicine is in your hands. Do you want to come in line to come and take care of every word they say? The platform albaniaqë is like that spruco that dies all the mosquitoes, but you have to use it. Or do it, or do not complain that I will not go, or the minister, or the director of all employees from behind. That this is the administration, they are taught and what they do. Regarding the controls, there may be cases of abuse. But the controls are arranged by the General Directorate. For the fact that some agencies come, we’re building up for control over everything. ”

News, Photo source: ATA

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