If you are a student, freelancer, entrepreneur or with a great passion about technology, the newest
innovation center in Tirana comes to give life to your professional ambitions.

Founded in April 2018 as part of the mission of a leading publishing house in the field of technology,
ICTSmedia, this multifunctional lab focused on education, innovation and entrepreneurship will
prepare young Albanian talents to face the challenges of 21 century.


Thanks to a broad regional and international experience and support, the grand opening of ICTSlab
marks another great achievement for ICTSmedia mission, not only to make a positive change in
society but also to improve Albania’s image around the world.

With three computer labs and more than 30 computers, an event venue which will host activities like:
workshops, hackathons, round tables and collaboration space for individuals and teams, ICTSlab will
become the most beloved space not only for children but also professionals.

Located near Studenti City, it is easy accessible for students and professionals. With more than 185
square meters of space, ICTSlab can accommodate more than 50 individuals at once.

The Grand Opening of ICTSlab in Tirana will bring some of the best international curricula which will
help children in developing specific skills, logic development, critical and creative thinking, team work
promotion and the best methodologies of international markets.

Curricula for 7-14 years old which will start on September 17, consists on: learning Scratch programing language, learning robotics,
Arduino, computer architectures, Minecraft, learning app and game development both for mobile and
web platforms, learning design, modeling and 3D printing.

For 15-19 years old, ICTSlab will teach Python programing language, computer architecture,
Raspberry PI, app and game development for web and mobile platforms.

Also this category will benefit from professionals courses and certifications in the fields of blockchain,
network infrastructures, Android, iOS and Web app development, Java, social media managing,
marketing and more.

In addition to standard curricula, children of both age groups will be rewarded with Young Talents
Club membership which gives them a chance to international exposure representing not only ICTSlab
but also Albania.

With Young Talents Club, ICTSlab for the first time will organize National Summer Camp in
collaboration with other innovation centers from Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Youngsters will have a chance to exchange experiences with each other at Summer Camp.
ICTSlab offers everything a creative mind can think. Private and public spaces, meditation with
potential investors, meditation to help you find a job at the biggest innovative companies in the region.
Even though ICT is a industry in making, it is becoming more challenging for job seekers to find an
appropriate job on specific skills.

At the end of September, after the start of education process, ICTSlab will hold the Grand Opening

About ICTSmedia

ICTSmedia is a leading publishing house in the field of technology, communication and security. For
more than six years it organizes the renowned competition in technology, Albanian ICT Awards and
publishes a number of technology medias in Albanian speaking countries like,, and thanks to long term partnership with global publishing house IDG.

Albanian ICT Awards is a nationwide competition with participants from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro
and Macedonia. Is primary aim is to reward individuals for their personal achievement and
contribution in technology in Albania and more.

News Source: ICTS LAB

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