Tirana Job Fair, Denaj: Over 6 thousand vacancies for jobseekers

Tirana Job Fair, Denaj: Over 6 thousand vacancies for jobseekers

The Ministry of Finance and Economy, through the National Employment Service, organized today the 2019 Work Fair in Tirana, as part of the cycle of fairs to be held in all regions of the country.

For 2019, MFE has joined the joint organization with the Tirana Municipality and the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Labor Fair within the event “Work & Study2019”.


Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj was present today at Skanderbeg Square, where the activity was organized, and visited closely the booths of participating businesses. The Minister invited young people and young women to visit job fairs where they could address their needs and demands to adapt them to the labor market and bids brought by businesses. She stressed that there are over 6 thousand vacancies offered by businesses, two fairs, Tirana Fair 2019 and “Work & Study 2019”.

“I take this opportunity to first congratulate May 1 and to thank all the participants in this Fair. There are 72 businesses participating in the outdoors and 60 businesses in the booths inside, which together offer more than 6,000 jobs. This is a tradition that has been going on for almost 10 years, but recently turned into a routine in 12 circles as we speak. It is the month of Labor Fairs and I find the opportunity to invite all young people and young women to address their needs to adapt their needs, desires and demands to the labor market with the offer brought by these businesses, said Minister Denaj.

In the Tirana Region, the Employment Offices in Tirana and Kavaja exercise their activity.

According to INSTAT’s latest data on labor force 2018 for the Tirana district, participation in the work force is 64.0%, from 62.7%.

For the period 1 January to 30 April 2019 17905 vacancies were announced, of which 6744 in the region of Tirana or 38% of the total number of vacancies proclaimed nationally; there are employed 8896 unemployed jobseekers from these 2390 jobs in the Tirana region; 517 unemployed jobseekers have been sent to vocational training courses.

The Tirana Fair Fair follows the fairs that took place a few days ago in Elbasan and Fier.

News Source: Ministry of Finance and Economy

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