Tirana International Fair 25 edition

Tirana International Fair 25 edition

Tirana International Fair – UFI Approved Event, comes as the event which determines Albania as a Gateway to the Balkans, a reality with over 200 million customers, 75% of trade figures with the EU, without whose involvement, the European Union would not be complete. This edition also followed the tradition of the previous chapters, with over 380 direct and represented exhibitors, and guests from over 25 countries: exhibitors and visitors coming for the first time have encountered the hospitality as a special feature of Albanians and those who have returned from the past edition, experience Tirana this year as being undivided from the European capitals.

The inauguration ceremony of the International Fair of Tirana hosted in the Palace of Congresses precious friends and associates, local and international personalities, representatives of almost fully accredited Diplomatic Missions in Tirana (People’s Republic of China, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Japan, Kosovo, etc.), State Delegations from the Region, with the special participation of His Excellency, Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama, State Minister for Enterprise Protection, Mrs. Sonila Qato, Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Andi Seferi, Mr. Nikolin Jaka, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tirana, President of Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania, Mrs. Ines Muçostepa, Vice President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Mr. Miroljub Aleksic, etc.


“How Albania has changed, and together with it, the economy of the country, this is narrated by the 24-year-old history of Klik Ekspo Group’s Tirana International Fair itself.

This exhibition every year resembles to the ambitions that their organizers had in 1994 when they dared to imagine such an activity in unmatched conditions with today’s conditions, and believed in the potential of this country’s economy, when there were very few people who trusted that under such circumstances the initiative could become true, and which today is materialized in a new edition with a much larger and diverse presence. Challenges are great, and are much more complex and only the power of imagination and trust can make us all approach the challenges with the real chance to win them. International companies that arrive today will not only discover new investment opportunities, but they can also discover reliable partners with whom they can cooperate and develop the ambitions of investing and succeeding through entrepreneurship in this country“, from the speech of Mr. Prime Minister during the Opening Ceremony.

News Source: Klik Ekspo Group

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