There is no tax increase for the small business

There is no tax increase for the small business

Taxes in Albania have not increased and that electricity payments are not considered as such.

Prime Minister Edi Rama during the meeting with young people and supporters of the Socialist Party at the Artificial Lake Amphitheater stated that there is no tax increase for individuals as well as for small businesses have decreased.


“Taxes have not increased, the truth is that taxes for those who are employees, or who are small business have decreased, have not grown, but people estimate what they paid at the end of the month, including what they did not pay before.

Energy did not pay before, and electricity bill counts as a tax, but it is not a tax “, – stressed Rama.

Focusing on the reforms that are delivering the first results, the Head of Government stressed that the new reform that was undertaken today came as a result of economic and financial consolidation, while some other reforms need time to deliver the results appropriate.

“All these are pains and sorrows, which certainly do not become my wish, or our pleasure to defy people, but it is not to be expected that the generation of those who are born today will suffer as the generation of those born in the years ’90 and find a diploma with the title of ‘lawyer’, but actually without a job. And what I want to emphasize very strongly and every parent today in Pandit and my age must realize that reforms can not bring everything that parents have loved and deserved for themselves, but will bring everything they want and everything deserves children Theirs. These are reforms that need time and their results we expect will come in time. What we are talking about today, this new measure that we can undertake today is the result of reforms, is a result of the consolidation of the economy and finance.

News Source: ATA

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