The VAT on SMEs will not increase prices

The VAT on SMEs will not increase prices

The Minister of Finances and Economy, Arben Ahmetaj, declared in a meeting with SMEs that the VAT proposed by the government does not intend to increase prices. He ensured the VAT will help to boost competition and fight the informality in the market.

100 representatives of SMEs held a meeting with Minister Ahmentaj to get detailed information on the new VAT scheme the government proposed. SMEs opposed the government’s initiative to include small businesses and free professions in this tax scheme, arguing that this would increase prices and put SMEs into economic difficulty.


On the other side, the Minister Ahmetaj said the government is trying to formalize the market through this initiative. Ahmetaj said the government will not include in this scheme farmers, handcraft businesses, barbers or street sellers.

News Source: ATA

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