The National Support Scheme, 4600 farmers benefit in the first phase

The National Support Scheme, 4600 farmers benefit in the first phase

4600 farmers have been declared beneficiaries of the first phase of the National Farming and Rural Development Support Scheme 2018.

Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Niko Peleshi announced today the first list of the winning farmers who applied for subsidies, while pointing out that over 80% of applicant farmers are benefiting from financial support schemes.


Peleshi said that this year the number of farmers applying for support schemes increased by 30% over the previous year. Applying with 0 of the 13 documents that you need before and the creation of Agropypes that served as a one stop shop favored and encouraged the farmers’ interest to apply in subsidy schemes for their projects in the rural sector, the minister said.

According to him, the application for agricultural investment support schemes has already been closed, and within the deadlines will be announced other subsidies farmers and other agroprocessors.

The Fund for Agricultural Support Schemes for 2018, increased to US $ 20 million. This program supports increasing the competitiveness of agricultural products, improving the food chain of livestock products, diversifying economic activity in rural areas, promoting domestic production and traditional products, and accessing international markets of domestic production.

While regarding the merger of 13 agricultural directorates across the country, Minister Peleshi stressed that they have lost their function and will be replaced with two main agencies, advisory and veterinarian agencies, in order to increase the safety of agricultural products and animal.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development spoke from the city of Korça, within the framework of the accountability tour with the citizens.

News Source: ATA

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