The Lin-Pogradec Panorama Tunnel opens

The Lin-Pogradec Panorama Tunnel opens

The Lin-Pogradec road is completely open for vehicle traffic. If earlier at the entrance to Pogradec, cars had to go through a difficult terrain due to the slips that took place, the panoramic tunnel has already been completed. The tunnel and sidewalks are equipped with lights for vehicles and pedestrians traveling by night.

After an intensive work, the works for stabilization of the sliding on the Lin-Pogradec axis have been completed today, 3 months before the deadline set in the contract. 
With the sliding stabilization, the panoramic tunnel, already in function of road users, was also used. The road includes greenery, extensive sidewalks and bicycle lanes to make access to this shaft as well as illumination throughout its length . 


The tunnel is already accessible by vehicle drivers while environmental impact interventions are ongoing for rebuilding the area with tree and decorative vegetation.

The ending of this axis, together with the lighting, besides facilitating the tourist’s circulation to this beautiful tourist destination, further enhances the beautiful natural site of Lake Ohrid, now part of the world heritage.

News Source: ARRSH

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