The law “On fishing”, according to the best standards

The law “On fishing”, according to the best standards

Changes in the law “On fisheries” reflect novelties according to the best standards, but also suggestions from interest groups.

The Committee on Productive Activities, Trade and Environment held today a hearing with interest groups on the review of the draft law “On some amendments and additions to law no. 64, dt. 31.05.2012 “On Fishing”, amended “.


Invited for this bill were Helidon Rugia from the Durrës Fishing Investor Association, Besim Troplini from the Organization of Fishery Management (OMP) Durrës and Arian Cinari from OMP Shkodra.

The rapporteur of this draft law, Eglantina Gjermeni, said that organizing this hearing is a very good opportunity for drafting this draft law, as they receive impressions, suggestions and comments from the guests, who touch this law closer.

The guests exchanged their experiences and gave comments on the draft law, as well as suggestions, which were also submitted in writing to the commission.

Legal changes in the fisheries sector aim, among other things, to formalize artisanal fishing and to meet the contemporary standards of this sector with a high share in the domestic economy and the impact it has on increasing the incomes of households engaged in this activity and increasing the number of employees. 

News Source: ATA

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