The first charter arrives with tourists from Israel

The first charter arrives with tourists from Israel

This Wednesday, charter arrived in Rinas, the first 100 tourists from Israel. After the first direct charter from Israel, next week will come the first charter from the IsrAir company, leading to 4 charter numbers per week.

Near the “Smile Albania” point, tourists were provided with information, marking the inauguration of the first information point in one of Albania’s entry points, as well as the other ones that will be built at the entry points which will welcome the coming tourists in our country during the season tourists.


Tourists will have the hospitality of 1 thousand young people who will inform them about all the tourist spots of our country, the opportunities they have to visit Albania beyond the beach season.

It is thought that during the entire tourist season, there will be about 300 charter flights to Rinas, which will bring tourists not only from Israel but also from other European countries.

News Source: AIDA

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