The counters are tested on the highway  “rruga e Kombit”, soon the payment application date

The counters are tested on the highway “rruga e Kombit”, soon the payment application date

In the highway “rruga e Kombit” has started today since 12:00 the testing for the tax, to be applied after its concession by the government.

Machines pass without requiring payment, but simply tested by the technical system. This will continue until next week and then the start date of the changeover payment will be determined.


Approved tariffs are 2.5 Euros, small cars 5 euros, buses and trucks 11.2 Euros, medium truck 16.2 Euros and heavy truck 22.5 Euros.

In a press release, MEI clarifies that “in the concession agreement, dated 6.12.2016” On construction, upgrading, use and maintenance of the Milot Morina highway “approved by DCM No. 870, dated 14.12.2016” On approval of the contract the Concession, “On the Construction, Upgrading, Use and Maintenance of the Milot – Morine Highway”, between the Republic of Albania, represented by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, and the Consortium “Catalyst Viva Das General Contracting, LLC – Salillari shpk – Bee Tech- Violiap Ateve – Kastrati sh.a., among other things, it is foreseen that the Concessionaire uses a two-pronged taxpayer near the Thirra tunnel and the Concessionaire collects and retains the tax revenue from the road.

The main objective of this Concession / PPP project of works and services is to improve the highway and its efficient use and maintenance. The Concessionaire will upgrade, operate, and maintain the Highway under a predetermined standard of performance standards for a 30-year concession period.

The road tax is characterized and taxed according to the calculation of the concession contract clause, depending on the class of vehicle based on the Vehicle Classification.

News Source: ATA

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