The 2019 budget, funding the target for taking the OSCE chair

The 2019 budget, funding the target for taking the OSCE chair

 The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs said in the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Policy that one of the priorities foreseen in the 2019 budget is the issue of security, relations with neighbors and Albanians in the region.

Minister Bushati said the budget has increased in relation to other years due to the objective we have decided to take over the OSCE leadership in 2020.


Such a development for the Albanian Chief Inspector will be successful.

Bushati explained the members of the Commission that “in 2019, some obligations will arise for Albania, due to our country’s entry into the” OSCE Troika “. This is also why in 2019 a specific fund for activities that Albania will undertake during this year is foreseen in the state budget. “

“With the takeover of the OSCE leadership in 2020, this fund will need to be even greater. If this decision is adopted in the “Milan Ministerial” this December, it will be the first time that Albania will take the lead of this important organization. “

Within this budget item is also provided financial support for campaigning for a non-permanent seat in the Security Council 2022-2023 “, stated Minister Ditmir Bushati.

News Source: ATA

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