Taxpayers can verify tax liabilities in real time

Taxpayers can verify tax liabilities in real time

All taxpayers, since April of this year, have been given the opportunity to know in real time any unpaid obligations they may have.

This is a service provided by the Call Center and referring to the data there are about 238 taxpayers who have used and received the requested information in real time.


Taxpayers can only receive this service by calling the green number  0800 00 02 of the Call Center, Monday to Thursday, 08:30 – 18:00.

All interested taxpayers who will call to recognize their unpaid obligations in real time must have the following information:

  • Unique Identification Number (NUIS)
  • Personal Social Security Number (SSHN)
  • Taxpayer registration status (active, passive, derecognised, etc.)

The General Directorate of Taxation encourages taxpayers to use these services in order to be as informed as possible about the backlogs they have. At any moment, the Call Center Specialists will be assisted to receive the necessary information.

The GDT remains committed to facilitating tax procedures as well as to deliver at any time and with the least cost, quality services to any taxpayer.


News Source: GDT

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