Tax Administration continues awareness raising meetings all over the country

Tax Administration continues awareness raising meetings all over the country

In Durrës, Berat, Lezha, Kukës, Korça, Elbasan, Tirana and Saranda, extensive information and awareness raising meetings with taxpayers from the bar – restaurant sector have been organized in the framework of the Sectoral Risk Management Plan.

In these meetings are invited and attended by taxpayers operating in this sector, to whom the Tax Administration has sent a personalized paper on the risk factors that each person carries in their own declarations.


The purpose of these meetings is to raise the awareness of taxpayers to fairly plead and encourage and encourage them to respond positively to the fulfillment of tax obligations.

The Risk Management Plan in the bar-restaurant sector has been being implemented for two months across the country, setting a new tax administration communication with the taxpayer. 12 thousand subjects have been personally informed, pointing out the elements that point out inaccurate statements on their part.

This Sectoral Plan, built and assisted by the IMF, brings to Albania contemporary risk management practice, with a view to raising awareness among taxpayers to change sustained behavior towards the true disclosure of liabilities.

As the information and awareness process continues, the tax administration monitors the reflection of changes in taxpayer declarations. Monitoring of declarations will continue to be made automatically by the computer system, which filters the data on the basis of risk analysis. This practice excludes any possibility of manipulation or misuse of legal tags of tax administration employees. Our goal at this stage is not to penalize, but to convince the taxpayer through the facts, that they themselves will be aware of and truly reflect their activity.

The meetings will also take place in the other Regional Directories in the coming days, and we invite taxpayers to contact us in the green number 0800 0002   ( 8:30 – 18:00, by e-mail) for any clarification and assistance they might need Monday in Thursday, and 08.30-16: 00 Friday), or near any tax service desk, closer to them.  

News Source: GDT

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