Tanja Miller: International Investors Eyeing CEE and Beginning to Tap the Potential There

Tanja Miller: International Investors Eyeing CEE and Beginning to Tap the Potential There


Since 2007, leading hotel investors, developers, operators and influential hospitality stakeholders wait for November to get together in Vienna at INTERNATIONAL HOTEL INVESTMENT & DESIGN CONFERENCE and address the key challenges of the hotel/hospitality industry. This year, this event, well-attended and full of nice surprises and networking opportunities as usual, will be held on November 7. 


Tanja Millner, Event Director & Managing Partner, of INTERNATIONAL HOTEL INVESTMENT & DESIGN CONFERENCE talks with Follow Business Albania about this event from A to Z. 

The International Hotel Investment & Design Conference is an unusual platform, with a focus on trends in the industry, and the impact of design, architecture and branding on the value of hotel real estate. What developments are pushing it forward every year?

We started with the idea to connect businesses operating in the CEE region. Over the last three years in particular, we are proud that the INTERNATIONAL HOTEL INVESTMENT & DESIGN CONFERENCE has grown substantially and is now recognized as THE event to attend in the region, with 300+ participants. We provide an opportunity for creative minds to network with renowned industry leaders, Europe’s most senior hotel investors, developers, operators, designers and advisors.

In an industry that is continually redefining itself, there is no shortage of topics to cover every year. Against a background of rising tourist demand, international investors are increasingly turning their attention to Central and Eastern Europe, and beginning to tap the potential there.

What should leading hotel investors and developers expect from attending the conference? Who are you eager to meet?

The hotel industry is operating in an increasingly complex environment, with constant change and innovation. We invite the movers & shakers, tech players and game changers to speak about the latest trends and developments.

The conference is an independent platform for networking, promoting the latest activities and connecting with potential new partners.

What makes the International Hotel Investment & Design Conference different from other investment conferences?

We focus on the big picture rather than local news, and provide the audience with global trends for regional benefits, covering subjects relevant for the whole region.

Vienna is a historic – and current – gateway to Eastern Europe, with Banks, Brokers, Family Offices as well as international companies based here. Viennese Developers and Investors have a great interest in, and knowledge of, the region. This all makes Vienna the perfect location for a conference focusing on Central & Eastern Europe, in addition to outstanding flight connections Europe-wide.

The INTERNATIONAL HOTEL INVESTMENT & DESIGN CONFERENCE is organised as an independent platform for decision-makers from the region. It is also the place where young professionals and students have a voice, since they will shape the future.

Given the broad range of areas affecting the hotel industry, how did you select the agenda for your event?

This year we have invited a varied group of experts to join our advisory board. They come from fields as diverse as architecture, investment, real estate, financing, major hotel operators and leading consultants from the industry. During the board meeting, in June, we discussed the trends and challenges facing the industry today, and how best to cover these topics inside a day conference. Based on their suggestions, we compiled a program that will capture our audience, with the theme: ‚Global trends – CEE the difference’.

As an Event Director, what are the challenges you face in organizing such a platform?

It has been an immense pleasure seeing the INTERNATIONAL HOTEL INVESTMENT & DESIGN CONFERENCE grow within the last few years from a small gathering of like-minded individuals to a highly professional conference attended by industry leaders. It is our goal to remain the leading independent conference for the hotel investment industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

To achieve that we need to continue innovating, and offer an exciting program with world-class speakers and productive networking opportunities in impressive locations. The challenge is to stay ahead of the game and to offer an event that attracts participants from all over Europe. The gratitude and positive feedback that we receive from speakers, sponsors and participants makes it all worthwhile. 

The INTERNATIONAL HOTEL INVESTMENT & DESIGN CONFERENCE is organized by M+G Event Organisation GmbH in Vienna. Tanja Millner is a partner in this company and Event Director of the conference. She has been responsible for the organisation since 2016, and has played a major role in growing this conference to the success story that it is today.


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