Rural tourism, extraordinary economic potential

Rural tourism, extraordinary economic potential

Albania has a tremendous potential but also an economy to be discovered all for the development of rural tourism.

From Pusteci where the activity was organized within the “100 villages” program, Prime Minister Edi Rama focused on the trends evidenced by the signs of tourism development in recent years in our country.


“We are used to thinking of the sea when we talk about tourism, but what is seen in the overall increase in the number of tourists as a result of changing the image of Albania and its presence where tourism is promoted in the world is that there is a considerable amount tourists coming to the mountain and some aspects of adventure tourism. Here are singled out the canyons, mountain roads, birds and other more specific aspects within a tourist umbrella from the sea, “said Rama.

Focusing on the need for rural tourism development, Prime Minister Rama said tourism is export, so rural residents seem to understand this.

“If it comes to market with agricultural products, someone here is impossible to imagine, because only the oil road is costing, then the opposite should encourage everyone to act for attracting visitors,” Rama added.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Rama expressed the conviction that Pusteci will be transformed into many aspects in a few years and will have a much more prosperous economy than today.

News Source: ATA

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