Regional Tax Directorate Tirana, joint information desk with small business

Regional Tax Directorate Tirana, joint information desk with small business

The Regional Tax Directorate of Tirana, within the information campaign, organized a joint table with 40 small business representatives.

The Director of the Tirana Regional Tax Directorate, Dionis Imeraj, during his speech, assured not only the participants, but all the small businesses of the region that they will have at any time the support of the administration regarding the legal changes that have emerged since 1 April 2018, as well drafting and delivery of sales and purchase books, carrying out a VAT declaration etc. Mr.Imeraj emphasized that the tax administration will not be associated with any penalty errors in the statement.


Also by the Tax Administration, the taxpayers have been assured that they will be assisted in any uncertainties, disturbances or hurdles that may be encountered in meeting the necessary legal steps. Every tax employee will inform you correctly and accurately about legal obligations.

According to Mr. Imeray, the facilities the government is taking to help this category, will encourage self-declarations that are in the function of better scanning of large business transactions.

Such meetings have been conducted in all regional directorates since the entry into force of legal changes.

The Tax Administration continues to encourage the small business to closely follow the dedicated training sessions, as well as to contact the Assistance Corner, as well as the Call Center.

News Source: Tatimet

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