Protected environmental areas attract the attention of foreign tourists

Protected environmental areas attract the attention of foreign tourists

The protection and good management of protected areas in our country has brought more visitors and economic income.

In Albania there is a system of protected environmental areas, covering over 460,000 ha and extending to over 16% of the country’s territory.


The base of the system of protected environmental areas lies mainly in 15 national parks, some conserved natural reserves and protected landscapes, which contain the highest natural and biodiversity values ​​in the country.

In recent years (after the establishment of the Environmental Protection Administrations), visitors (tourists), who are part of the visits and hikes in Albanian nature, have in most cases the right information for the special destinations to visit in these spaces.

The tourist shall in any case receive detailed information on the natural resources of the protected environmental zone, their location and high natural, cultural, historical, biological and hereditary values ​​as; caves, waterfalls, canyons, rocky peaks, passageways, cult objects, etc., which has a protected area. An important role in this regard is playing the AdZM employees (especially the Rands) on the ground, that guide the visitors to these points. Likewise, various information and orientation tables that are placed at the entrance and distinct locations are also available in their help.

The priority in these areas is taking bird watching tourism, especially those of water. The Karavasta Lagoon, Narta, Kune-Vain, Lake Shkodra, Prespa etc.

News Source: ATA

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