Professional courses, oriented to the labor market

Professional courses, oriented to the labor market

Government policies in terms of vocational training aim at the qualification of the workforce and increase the opportunities for job market penetration of jobseekers pursuing vocational training courses developed by vocational training centers across the country, in close cooperation with with the Labor Office.

Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj visited the Vocational Training Center no. 4 in Tirana, where he was closely acquainted with the training processes at various courses taking place in this center, part of which are the “Start Smart” courses.


The Minister highlighted the fact that this center offers 47 professional courses in fields such as electronics, mechanics, IT, graphic design, etc., which also constitute the needs of the labor market today and expressed the confidence that professional integration in the labor market is most guaranteed. “This is the policy of the Albanian government to enable a qualification, which in four months realizes the appropriateness of theory and practice on a harmonized basis and in agreement with the business, who is able to see their experience before employ them, “said the Minister.

As for the Start Smart courses, which started in November 2018 with the help of GIZ, the Minister said that they aim to organize a better approach of job seekers in their future work profiles and the objective is to train about 20,000 jobseekers.

“There is a cooperation with the Labor Office and the training centers in order to better match the needs with knowledge and the labor market. Our objective is to train 20,000 jobseekers, almost 1/3 of the workforce, looking for work all over Albania, because wherever we have the Labor Office we have and offer the program Start Smart, the Minister said .

Minister Anila Denaj praised the mediation that the Labor Offices have made to adjust the business relationship in the regions where they operate and said that this practice should continue to intensify so that the penetration of the labor market reaches 90% by year first, for those who attend vocational training and education.

However, Minister Denaj emphasized the need to strengthen relations with public state institutions, so employment would be direct to those who come from vocational courses, such as those of the teaching, as long as they emerge from courses produced by revised curricula.

Vocational Training Center no. 4 are frequented per day by 850 trainees, who receive vocational training by special groups. During 2018, 2800 couriers were certified in this center and for the period from January to April 2019 600 couriers were certified.

News Source: Ministry of finance and Economy

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