Premises of Tourism Development in Albania

Premises of Tourism Development in Albania

Encouraging investment and creating job positions presents one of the main macro challenges of Albania within the Country Partnership Framework till 2019. Direct contribution of tourism in Albanian GDP counted with 50,000 job positions in 2016 and holds a potential to triple by end of 2025. Among 88 Projects, last one financially supported by IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) was approved in November 2016. World Bank approved a grant in about $71million focusing on improving urban infrastructure to enhance tourism. Local region on focus remains South of Albania, taking into consideration that annually records 300,000 visitors.


According to Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index Albania is positioned 106 among 141 most touristic destinations, compared to Montenegro 67th and Serbia 95th. Meanwhile as for Price Competitiveness Sub index, Albania is positioned 95th, Serbia 78th, Macedonia 79th and Montenegro 84th. This upholds a potential to expand further International Tourism Receipts and Number of Arrivals in Albania due to unpromoted Natural Resources and Price Competitiveness.

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