Practice self-control on food safety in the country

Practice self-control on food safety in the country

Ministry of Agriculture and AKU to avoid routine food safety controls in this tourist season will use the self-control method by businesses and traders.

The news was announced by Agriculture Minister Niko Peleshi during the “opening” of the tourist season in Vlora, where the minister stressed that to manage the flow and the large volume of trade, which means a higher number of customers, it will be used self-control method.


“We have a very difficult and great role to guarantee food in bars, restaurants, supermarkets and supermarkets during the tourist season as well as duty throughout the year.

The challenge is that over the course of this season we will have a huge flux and a very large trade volume, a huge influx of customers, tourists on the one hand, and on the other we do not want through AKU controls to annoy you your work and everyday life in a season so busy with our service units.

We do not want to gain food security through constant controls and therefore we have preceded this season a few weeks ago by applying self-control practice.

We have distributed a checklist (self-control list) to all service units throughout Albania, we also accompanied a letter of information on the risks and hotspots that will be checked during this season.

News Source: ATA

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