PHOTO / Boulevard “Ismail Qemali” in Vlora, with modern look

PHOTO / Boulevard “Ismail Qemali” in Vlora, with modern look

 In Vlora city continues the work for the retraining of boulevard “Ismail Qemali”, which will have a modern view, dominating the greenery and recreational and entertainment facilities.

The works are focused on the first part, from the roundabout near Lungomare to the intersection with “Petrit Bisha” street, and next week will start work in the segment from the crossroads of “Cipajve” to the industrial school.


The segment to be worked is about 300 meters. During the works, the crossing of “Cipajve” will remain open to prevent the circulation of vehicles and citizens as little as possible. 
The project for urban retraining of “Ismail Qemali” boulevard in Vlora started in spring of this year.

It is funded by the Albanian government with the support of the Bank of the Council of Europe and implemented by the Albanian Development Fund under the “Community Works IV” program.

The boulevard “Ismail Qemali” stretches from Vlora to Skela. The history of this boulevard dates back to the XIX century with a road linking the city center to the coast. There passed another decoule, carrying salt from the salads of Vlora to the Port, as well as travelers, even to the Cold Water tunnel at the beginning of the twentieth century.

After the liberation of Albania, the Vlorë-Skela Boulevard was passionately shaped by the innocent Christo Papajani “Honorary Citizen of Vlora”, who filled it with oranges, palm trees, various kinds of flowers and statues. A “Youth” park was created, filled with palm trees, fountains, statues and eucalyptus forest.

In 1987, Vlora-Skela Boulevard expanded again under the direction of Vasillaq Ndini, where other palms were planted. 


News Source: ATA

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