Pay online – quickly, easily, on time

Pay online – quickly, easily, on time

Every entrepreneur or individual has the ability to make online payments of 13 tax liabilities through the e-Albania platform at any time and without any printing costs.

Taxpayers realize this by logging into the e-Albania portal with their credentials. While encouraging taxpayers to receive its services through the e-Albania portal, the Tax Administration recalls the possibility of online, full or partial payment of these fees and fees:

  • Personal Income Tax Small Business
  • Tax of Gambling
  • Income Tax on Employment
  • Retained Taxes
  • The value added tax
  • Simplified Profit Tax
  • Income tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • National Fees
  • National Charges
  • Rent mines
  • Contributions of social and health insurance
  • Global Obligations / Penalties

Offering many online services has significantly reduced direct contacts with the administration, queues and waiting times, thus improving the quality of our service to taxpayers.    

News Source: GDT

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