Package for agrotourism, in accordance with business requirements

Package for agrotourism, in accordance with business requirements

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi says the agro-tourism package creates a network that is not being introduced for the first time in Albania, as the country’s first pioneers are now in the country. “We are not building a political package,” said Klosi, who is not just coming from the government office, but is in full compliance with the implementation of what we have done throughout these times, listening to and analyzing any business demands and concerns of the field “.

“The agrarian business has strongly demanded that if there is no package that will help their development, it would be very difficult for them to function and survive in an unformed market as it should. Therefore, this package comes under all the policies we are undertaking in Albania to transform tourism into an economy, to turn tourism into one of the most economic opportunities of the country’s development, “said Minister Klosi.


“We are adopting today the agrotourism package, which requires 4 things, namely economic development in areas with limited agro-tourism opportunities, job creation, sustainable tourism development and obviously the most important revenue growth or in other words, increase welfare for these accommodating structures “, – stressed Minister Klosi.

Agrotourism is the host activity that takes place on a farm or at an agro-cultural point with the aim of attracting visitors often by enabling them to participate in agricultural activity or other auxiliary activities that are held in that agricultural environment.

Agrotourism will support the sustainable tourism of rural areas through environmental protection, preservation of tradition and promotion of typical products of the area. 

News Source: ATA

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