Orikum-Dukat Street, the impetus for tourism in the south

Orikum-Dukat Street, the impetus for tourism in the south

Construction of the Orikum-Dukat road, one of the strategic projects to be funded under the 1 billion investment package will give another impetus to tourism development in this region .

In a statement to ATSH, the chairman of the Vlora Regional Council, Ervis Moçka, assesses the impact that this important infrastructure project will have on the economic development of this area.


“It is a necessary investment, as it replaces the current 16 km road, which is amortized and in which the movement is blocked many times due to the terrain sliding that blocks the road,” Moçka said.

The new road will have a length of 14.7 km and will be of category C2. This, according to Mocka, “means that this axis will have all security settings, with 3.5 meters wide lane etc”.

Orikum-Dukat Street, according to the chairman of the Vlora District Council, will greatly facilitate the movement from Vlora to Llogora and tourist beaches beyond the Llogara neck.

Orikum-Dukat is the fourth project of the “1 billion” package, and the form of the investment will be through the Public Private Partnership formula, where the money will first give the company that will win the tender and will be paid out over the years from the state budget.

Meanwhile the Council of Ministers has approved the 6% bonus awarded to “Gjikuria” ltd for the technical and financial result of the unsuccessful proposal submitted for the concession / Public Private Partnership procedure for the project the “yacht port – bay-pass Orikum – Dukat (bridge of St. Elizabeth)”.

In recent years, the southern coast area has been part of a general infrastructure renovation plan to promote the development of coastal tourism in these areas.

The road from Orikumi to Dukat currently has a length of 16 km and presents many problems, while the average speed on this axis does not exceed 40 km / h. Axis has many danger points that are a source of accidents, especially the area that passes through villages, which means that during the tourist season holidaymakers are constantly blocked.

News Source: ATA

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