Oil status reaches 850 of the number of approved applications

Oil status reaches 850 of the number of approved applications

The special commission set up at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has reviewed and approved 850 applications  for oil extraction workers to obtain  a special oil status.

Currently the relevant committee is continuing reviewing the documentation for other applications. While priority was given to the refineries of Ballsh and Fier.


The new law no. 8/2017 “On the status of employees of the oil and gas industry” adopted on 02.02.2017 by the Parliament of the Republic of Albania aims to determine the status of oil and gas industry employees, and more specifically addresses the legal position , economic-financial and social rights, the rights and obligations associated with these employees, as well as the respective legal guarantees for their implementation.

Under the terms of the law, the status of oil / gas employee benefits all former employees and employees, starting from the date of commencement of work in the respective sector. This includes those persons who have been injured at work, regardless of the length of their employment. All persons benefiting from the status will be provided with official identification evidence, according to the criteria defined in the DCM.

The law also sets out criteria for special financial treatment, reserved for this category of employees in the event of unemployment or disconnection of the employment relationship.

Employees of the oil and gas industry who enjoy the status of a petroleum and retire or retire benefit an annuity supplement of 1% for each working year but no more than 40% of the total old-age pension, calculated or current, for employees who have not less than 30 years of work for men and 25 years for women, in the oil industry.

News Source : ATA

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