New tax cuts for 91% of businesses in the country, only 5% profit tax

New tax cuts for 91% of businesses in the country, only 5% profit tax

About 91% of the small business in Albania will pay only 5% of the profit tax.

During the public accountability tour in Korça, the last two months of intense, where members of the cabinet together with the deputies carried out hundreds of meetings and thousands of fair contact for rights with the citizens in each municipality and administrative unit of Albania, Prime Minister Edi Rama declared today that the new tax reduction law is expected to be approved in parliament in the coming weeks.


“An inherent tax reduction for those who are employed, or who have employed others in their small business, raising the bandage. So every business that has a turnover of 80-140 million, today we talk about paying 15% tax. This hampers many small businesses, which de facto spend 80 million, to make a real statement and lie. Everyone lies because if they exceed 80 million, the profit tax is 5 to 15 percent. We will put an end to this story, bringing 140 million bands, “said the head of the executive.

Watch out, 91% of businesses in Albania will pay only 5% of profit tax, Rama said, adding “there is no country in the region, is not found anywhere”.

This he said because we need this, not to say that we are the most advanced, but because this is a need today for the economy and for business, and that is the answer for all those maligne who, as they do with Albania when it comes to giving Albania a hand.

“Reflect on the table of Ministers of the European Council, the Foreign Minister of Greece and the Italian Foreign Minister have fought as if there were ministers of Macedonia and Albania. They have fought 1000 times more than the opposition of this country has fought. Member States, all of our friends have fought for Albania 1000 times more and they have not only fought but fought against – they do with the small business that deceives people with false news that VAT was charged , will you grow this and you will grow it, the world’s end will come to you, “said Prime Minister Rama. 

News source: ATA

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