New contracts for “study-design” of roads

New contracts for “study-design” of roads

The Albanian Road Authority announces that in 2018 has entered into several new study-design contracts, as well as several contracts that have completed the study-design process.


New study-design contracts linked this year:

TEG Design Projection Study.

Study Design of the bridges of Leki, Dragot, Bridge of Vora, Tapiza, Bridge of Drogës, Zëmblakut.

Reconstruction of the Kaludhi Bridge and the linkage in Bushnesh and the connecting bridge of the Levan-Tepelena roads with Dragot-Tepelena (completed project idea).

Study on the extension of the road Kardhiq-Delvinë from the village of Shijan (completion of lot 2) to the Gajdari Bridge, connection with the city of Delvina and review of project implementation of lot 7 (Tunnel) in the road axis Kardhiq-Delvinë December 2018).

Also ARAA publishes completed and ongoing study-design contracts:

Study design segment Gjirokastër-Libohove-Polican-Zagori (completed Project-Idea).

Study Designing the Skrapar-Gramsh Road Segments.

Study Projection The completion of Shkodra Bypass as part of the North-South Corridor and the connection to the city (has been completed completely).

Skrapar-Korca axes implementation project.

News Source: Albanian Road Authority

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