Mobile companies return packs of 30 days

Mobile companies return packs of 30 days

By June mobile companies are obliged to return the 30 day packs. The Electronic and Postal Communications Authority has forced mobile companies to give up 4-week charges for prepaid subscribers. In an interview for RTVSH, the director of the Eknomik Regulation at AKEP Pajtim Melani explains that the order comes after an administrative investigation that AKEP did on the validity of the packages.

“AKEP decided to protect the customer and return the packages to the standar 30 days after they are no longer offering but are standard packages that it offers each month so that the tariff should be monthly or 30 days,” says Melani for RTVSH.


In March 2016, the three mobile telephony companies cut down the prepaid communication bundles from 30 days to 28 days, increasing the annual cost of customers for these services by about 6.5 percent.

According to Melan, “Decrease, when it occurred in March 2016, days of standard packets from 30 to 28 days brought an increase in packet prices indirectly by 6.5% meanwhile brought a subscription or additional cost for a month after the year began to was charged with 13 months of 12 months “.

But what if the companies do not comply with AKEP’s order?

“We believe that this will be implemented voluntarily by operators, then in the unlikely event that the legislation provides for the relevant measures while cooperating with the Competition Authority and other authorities to establish consumer protection in essence of legality and integrity of AKEP, “says Melani.

On the other hand, AKEP has given solution to another concern related to the mobile phone market, number portability, otherwise the legal possibility that each citizen has to build the company while maintaining the same number.

“Akep with the change of headline has changed the approach, has changed the regulation and now the new regulation on portability enables anyone to number within 24 hours,” concluded Melani.

News Source: AKEP

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