Minister Gjiknuri and the director of ARAA inspect the Tirana-Elbasan site

Minister Gjiknuri and the director of ARAA inspect the Tirana-Elbasan site

Infrastructure and Energy Minister Damian Gjiknuri and Director of the Albanian Road Authority Afrim Qendro inspected the Tirana-Elbasan highway in the segment from the TEG roundabout to the Kruraba tunnel.

Confirming that the works are now under way, the Director of the Road Authority clarified the technical details of the investment phase.


“We are at the Elbasan Road, in the end part of the project. There are still 6% of the total work volume to be completed. The road and asphalt pavement packages have remained along with the road safety elements. After providing additional funding in September, the pace of the works is satisfactory and we think that within the new worksheet this work ends that this part of the project has been overdue for many years, the Director of ARAA, Qendro said.

Minister Gjiknuri said that due to the increased attention paid to this project, together with the secured financing for the completion of the work and better contract management, it was possible to solve this perennial craze in which this project was located.

“Today we are talking about are in the final phase of the works and I am convinced that the public within the spring will have the completed road and delivered with all the necessary parameters. Much work has been done last year to solve the cramps and legitimate inherited problems but above all to provide additional funding for the completion of this work that took longer than we could for reasons we have said before: design not good, lack of funding when it was necessary except for other inherited contract management problems. It is important that the road will end and we are proud of the work we have done. Just as we solved the problem of Bypass Fier and Vlora, we put it in the line of solution and this path, “underlined Minister Gjiknuri.

News Source: Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy

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