Minister Gjiknuri and the Director of Albanian Road Authority in the Milot Node

Minister Gjiknuri and the Director of Albanian Road Authority in the Milot Node

The Albanian Road  Authority has guaranteed the financing ff the completion of the remaining works of the Milot Node and the completion of the secondary roads. The government has allocated an amount of 1.6 billion ALL and now the work has resumed with the aim of completing within a 15 month period. The node is strategic for traffic after connecting Kombi street that runs from Tirana to Shkodrra.

Minister of infrastructure and energy Damian Gjinkuri along with the director of the Albanian Road  Authority Afrim Qendro were on the site where they said that while the works will continue, the node will begin to become operational for the transfer of vehicles starting on august, with the aim of facilitating traffic tools in the tourist season. 


“We are at Milot’s node. There are few days that a contract has been concluded for the completion of the remaining work and filling the secondary road for the whole Milot. It is a work that has many years that has started. We have started to work and eventually within 15 months this node will end with all the complete technical solutions. There will be around 9 km along the whole area around the node, and all communities and businesses will have full access to the road in accordance with all road traffic rules and norms. While finally this node will be functional and with the road safety elements properly ” Stressed Qendro.

Minister GJIinkuri emphasized that a problem was solved that started in 2011 as it is one of the main traffic junctions in Albania.

“The situation so far has been provisional and has created great problems with traffic. With prompt interventions and the additional funding that the Albania government provided, including the new procedure that was just completed and the contract was signed, we will enable at least the node to start working for the summer period. Although the work will take more than a year to complete, “said  GJIinkuri

He clarified that he was communicated with the contractor to enable the operation of this node in august, within security measures.

“Even this summer, all vacationers will feel the big difference that there will be traffic relief in this node. This is one of those other important works that we are opening up. Here will also be the link to the highway from Milot to Balldren. So if you look at the rest from the north, an axis will all the necessary parameters and that is part of the infrastructure reconstruction program in the next four years in Albania , “GJIinkuri underlined.

News Source: Minister of infrastructure and energy


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