Minister Denaj: We support Albanian exports to EU markets

Minister Denaj: We support Albanian exports to EU markets

The support of domestic producers is a priority for the Albanian government, mainly focusing on the increase of our level of exports. During a working day in Vlora Region, the Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj, visited a local enterprise that exports fish products to European Union countries.

“We want to promote exports, like those managed by Albanians, but also to have the opportunity to expand and for foreigners, it is important to enable more employment,” said the Minister.


Meanwhile, the abolition of the Albanian export quotas for some fish species by the European Union has meant that the level of these products has increased. This is stated by entrepreneurs themselves who export to European markets.

“This has affected 100%. The European market needs this product and even more that it is a quality product. We have learned this and are growing. My business has grown thanks to the EU support, seeing that for the domestic market we have met the need, not only me but all Albanian producers, “said entrepreneur Muharrem Jazaj.

Regarding the development of this sector, Minister Denaj informed that some support schemes already operate.

“The Albanian government is also engaged in direct schemes only of the national funds managed by AZHBR, but also in the schemes of guarantee funds support. I want to launch these support schemes today. There are two support schemes from two very important donors in Albania, EBRD and KfW, which have entered into support schemes in agriculture with the financial sector, “said the Minister.

Also, the Minister visited one of the businesses that has already benefited from AZHBR funds. This venture has benefited 20 million ALL, while all the final value of this investment will reach over 40 million ALL. The processing capacity of this business will reach 4 thousand tons of fish and the number of employees will be over 80 people.

Albanian exports have grown in recent years. Only for the year 2018 in total it is estimated to be 310 344 million ALL, while the first 2 months of this year is estimated at 44 475 million ALL.

The countries we export most are Italy, Kosovo, Spain, Germany and Greece.

News Source: Ministry of Finance and Economy

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