Meeting with Italian entrepreneur, “Protection of Italian Businesses in Albania”

Meeting with Italian entrepreneur, “Protection of Italian Businesses in Albania”

At the invitation of the Italian Embassy in Tirana, Deputy Director General of Taxation, Xhavit Çurri, participated on 7 February at the workshop “Protection of Italian Businesses in Albania”. This meeting was aimed at promoting the cooperation of Italian entrepreneurship, mainly the manufacturing sector, with Albanian institutions and strengthening a new approach to relations between them.

Considering Italian entrepreneurship as an important economic actor in the country, Mr. Çurri briefly presented some of the appeals which were held in focus during 2017 by the tax administration. Among them, as important positive developments Mr. Curri highlighted the progress in consolidating the tax information system, increasing demand handling and shortening the VAT refund time for businesses, enforcing the bill for canceling unpaid obligations, providing assistance through innovative instruments such as Call Center or real-time assistance through the Help window on the official website for taxpayers. Another business facilitation process is the digitization of 9 tax services that have shortened business time and costs.


Representatives of Italian manufacturing sector companies addressed some specific problems that were provided case by case explanation, and the need for further cooperation to find timely joint solutions was underlined.

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