Meet the Operational Committee No.15 – The Risk Module leads the work of the Tax Administration!

Meet the Operational Committee No.15 – The Risk Module leads the work of the Tax Administration!

The General Directorate of Taxation held the next meeting of the Operational Committee, which considered the realization of the Operational Plan of the first three months of 2019 by each Director and defined the new actions to be undertaken to achieve the objectives in accordance with Long-term Strategy 2017-2021.

The Committee appreciated the performance of the Directorates in the achievement of quantitative and qualitative objectives, recognizing the achievements and reinforcing the lines of action for the following year period.


With particular attention to the strategic objectives of the Tax Administration, the Committee has oriented the stronger engagement of the Risk Module to provide a definitive trajectory for the work of all departments. In addition, intensification of information visits by the Taxpayer Service structures was required to increase voluntary compliance. 

Raising the level of training and better profiling them, in order to meet the expectations of regional or central staff, as well as the design of periodic testing modules for tax administration employees was another orientation of this Committee.

An important topic of discussion was also the addition of elements of the performance of the control structures, collection of unpaid obligations and tax investigation. The extent of use of these indicators to the inspectors level is aimed at improving the professional level of the Tax Administration as well as increasing the efficiency, transparency and evaluation of human resources.

These indicators will be presented for approval at the forthcoming meeting of the Reform Committee, which will be held shortly in the General Directorate of Taxation.

News Source: GDT

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