Mediterranean Tourism Fair for Tourists, but also for Investors

Mediterranean Tourism Fair for Tourists, but also for Investors

Tourism remains the key sector through which Albania intends to compete vigorously on international markets and generate sustainable economic growth.

In recent years, Albania has been increasingly present in international media, but also in tourist packages of foreign tour operators as a new destination worth discovering. Despite the positive trend there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed in order to attract large investors.


Along with the security of individual, possibly unique, destinations, investors first seek assurance of their investment, reliable partners for realization and public infrastructure according to the best standards.

At the Mediterranean Tourism Fair to be held on 6-7 April, the Albanian Development Fund will be a participant as one of the institutions that has carried out the most important public projects with a direct impact on tourism.

According to the ADF Executive Director, Benet Beci’s participation in this fair aims to show potential investors that in Albania can find a safe partner for their investments and on the other hand, different visitors understand what work should have been done for rich tourist destinations with the best standards.

Since the granting of access to new destinations, the improvement of infrastructure in existing destinations, the retraining of facilities and areas that are part of the cultural heritage, the Albanian Development Fund has been the most reliable and efficient instrument of foreign financial institutions and government for implementing policies for the development of the tourism sector.

“In any case, the projects we pursue aim to fundamentally improve the economic conditions of beneficiary residents that will gradually bring economic growth at the national level. Of course, the real impact of every project requires its own time. Nothing is built overnight, but cases such as Tamara and Lepusha, which until yesterday were only geographic concepts and have now turned into genuine tourist destinations, make us optimistic, “said ADF head Beci.

Kelmend Mountains is a destination that has been added last year to the tourism map as a result of the construction of Shkodër-Vermosh road and will be part of the ADF stands at this fair.

Improving infrastructure in existing destinations such as Vlora with the Lungomare and public squares, or Himara with the new promenade, interventions in the old houses of Vune and Dhërmi and the arrangement of tourist infrastructure on the wonderful beaches of Jalė and Dhėrmi are some other projects with tourism orientation with which ADF is represented.

“Realizing what is best for development, even though it can mean the collapse of high and difficult barriers, is at the core of the philosophy of our presentation at this fair,” Beci said.

The 2nd edition of the Mediterranean Tourism Fair will be open on April 6-7 at Expo City. This fair was organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Environment to give a new impetus and new regional tourism approach.

Participants in this edition are institutions and tour operators from Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, etc.

News Source: Albanian Development Fund

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