Local budget 2019 to 51.14 billion All

Local budget 2019 to 51.14 billion All

The expenditures of the local budget for 2019 are foreseen at ALL 51.14 billion, an increase of 11% more than in 2018. These expenditures for 2019 account for 2.9% GDP from 2.3% in 2013. The figures were made public today by the Minister of Finance and Economy, Arben Ahmetaj at the 2019 Local Government Budget Consultative Council.

By comparing the figures, Ametaj added that compared to 2013, where 2.3% of GDP was made, progress was made both in terms of quantity and quality.


Ahmetaj added that the attention is to the property tax, according to the available space.

Ahmetaj added that the assessment platform will be one and unique.

“The platform will greatly help either in the methodology that is based on the law on property values, and secondly by the local government, so you will be obliged or have the legal responsibility to improve the information on the platform month after month,” said the minister .

Appreciating the building tax as one of the main contributions to the local budget, Minister Ahmetaj said that “the tax on buildings is an important source for your budgets and if so far it has been beyond your responsibilities, today through new methodology and changes law and the platform, the responsibility is at your desk, which means that if 600 thousand detailed properties are today but the goal is to identify another 600 thousand, with the purpose of registering and taxing right on the surface basis. “

Likewise, the minister said that property registration is very important for collecting real taxes so that no tax can be collected.

“So that you do not tax them, but go to the cell and the square meter. This will help us to register properties and dwellings. We have a platform that will help us either to improve the housing registration process, but also to help with the collection of revenues and the supply of public services, “the minister said.

News Source: ATA

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