Launches the first touristic ship in Durrës

Launches the first touristic ship in Durrës

From Durres, on a symbolic journey to the first tourist ship in this coastal region, Tourism and Environment Minister Blendi Klosi called on the business community to invest in the creation of the maritime tourism industry. “Albania has all the opportunities to disfigure its tourism potential by investing in seafood business. This place should be full of yachts, with fast ships with all the seafood business, and the service that must be on the ground, for the sea. Now you are in a phase that you have almost finished your hotels, you are in the phase of adding new hotels, but that’s not enough. We need to dissociate our potential by talking about the sea, the marinas, the large or small yachts of the yacht, but also the service we need to create at sea, “said Minister Klosi.
New policies related to tourism and cooperation with the business community give the opportunity to develop a still unknown tourism in our country. “This sea needs to be utilized more and this needs the local business of Durres and the whole coastline to be able to see more sea services.” 
Minister Klosi lifted a parallel with the reality in Vlora where within a year , 27 boats have been launched from 2 vessels, which offer trips for both domestic and foreign tourists. “We hope that this business will start in Durres too quickly” – concluded Minister Klosi. 
The “Happy Regina” boat is sailing daily from Mali i Robit towards various beaches of Durres, offering certified and standard service for tourists.

News Source: Ministry of Tourism and Environment


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