Kukes Airport with Low Cost Profile, Ready in Autumn

Kukes Airport with Low Cost Profile, Ready in Autumn

Kukes Airport will have a different profile from the two other airports in the country, Rinas and Vlora.

Prime Minister Edi Rama held today an interpellation with residents of Kukes, who, in addition to the explanations for the National Road Maintenance fee, addressed the Prime Minister 2 requests.


First the construction of the Kukes Airport. Second, building a stadium in the city.

Rama assured them that the airport will start operating in the fall and that for end-of-year holidays, emigrants will travel through this airport at low cost prices.

“There have been procedures for the Kukes Airport. It will be an airport with another profile because it will be based on cheap flights. Low fare flights are impossible at Rinas Airport because of the concession contract, “the premier said.

According to him, citizens complain rightly about the high ticket prices at Rinas Airport because of the fact that there is a concessionary relationship of the past, which gives the Rinas airport the power to impose very high tariffs.

As for the construction of the stadium, the prime minister stressed the need for his construction in this city. But he said, the stadium will be built in the following period.

“Kukes has no stadiums. Its construction is part of the program, but it will be something for a later time not like the airport, “said the head of government.

News Source: ATA

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