Investments in Tourism,  Impact on Economy and Employment

Investments in Tourism, Impact on Economy and Employment

Prime Minister Edi Rama attended today inauguration of the new accommodation facilities of the “Premium Hotel” in Golem, pointing out that investment in tourism as one of the sectors with significant impact on the economy, will bring the increase of employment in parallel.

To help entrepreneurs, Rama’s head of government said that the government will make every effort to train and have as many human resources available as possible.


“I believe that besides the significant injection into the economy that will bring and investment, we can have a significant increase in employment and therefore we intend to guarantee another measure to ensure that all the effort they make entrepreneurs at these high levels of investment to train and have human resources do not go to waste, and to create opportunities through the support of the state that these human resources are available, so do not happen to be trained, well-informed and removed the end of the season.

This will be a measure to take part in social security contributions to free up some of the burden on companies with these skilled workers but in parallel we are working to encourage the launch of a chain of investments in agro-tourism “- concluded the Prime Minister. 

News Source: ATA

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