Investments in Shiroka for a genuine tourist destination

Investments in Shiroka for a genuine tourist destination

The transformation of the Shiroka area and the western shore of Lake Shkodra into a genuine tourist destination that offers urban and natural spaces dedicated to all enthusiasts of nature, history or sport is in focus of government investment.

The project “On Reconstruction of the West Bank of Shkodra Lake” is an initiative of the Albanian government through the Albanian Development Fund and in cooperation with the Municipality of Shkodra. The stretch starts from the old Buna Bridge up to the central square of Shiroka and covers an area of ​​115 hectares.


The general concept of the development of Shiroka area combines urban and natural spaces with identity and traditions in order to transform this area into a multi-dimensional and inclusive center.

The whole concept preserves the historical, urban and natural identity of the area. This is the case of mosaics of the central square to be laid, whose design is based on traditional elements. Along with the rehabilitation of the square, the façades of the area’s buildings will be restored through the unification of materials and colors.

A completely new space will be dedicated to passionate people after history, legends, myths and handicrafts.

The plan aims to protect the lake’s space and stop new construction in the area. Restorations in the natural space and along the lake line provide for the construction of wooden platforms on the shore of the lake, the creation of panoramic paths on the Shiroka hill, the playgrounds, etc. The goal is to encourage walking and bicycle use for a minimal car traffic.

The project that started last year is a result of cooperation between Albanian and foreign architects. To make every sustainable and friendly intervention with nature, large-scale use of natural materials such as stone and wood is foreseen.
News Source: ATA

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