Interview: Palazzo Italia – What’s special about it?

Interview: Palazzo Italia – What’s special about it?

What is so special about PALAZZO Italia? Why people should choose it?

We are working to make the dining experience at the Palazzo increasingly linked to the seasonality of products offering complete menu from appetizers to desserts that varies every quarter.


All Italians and Albanians who have lived in Italy, come to greet us. Not just to eat and enjoy the cuisine, Not only for the wonderful Location, Not only to breathe the air of the house. We tried to oer our customers with the choice of a few dishes and excellent , taste , culture and tradition of Italian cuisine.

All prepared with products “Made in Italy” and skillfully composed, to give the feeling of eating as in Rome. Tirana oers a lot of choice to eat and eat well. Choosing Palazzo Italia is like choosing where, how and when to eat really Italian food…Read more

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