In September begins the second phase for road maintenance

In September begins the second phase for road maintenance

The second phase of the project for maintenance of road infrastructure will begin in September, thus achieving a total intervention in the rehabilitation and improvement of road standards.

Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri, said today at Tepelena’s inauguration ceremony of Tepelena that the government is looking closely at infrastructure projects by focusing on their social and economic impact, as a basic element for these works not to remain on the road, an experience that Albania has inherited from previous years.


On the other hand, the minister said, we have started an intensive road maintenance project, all over Albania, many works sites have been opened.

While in September, stressed Gjiknuri, the second phase of the road maintenance project begins, in order not to hinder the tourist season, but there will be a total intervention on the entire road network to restore it to the parameters needed for maintenance .

Unfortunately in Albania there was no maintenance project, the road became degraded and these precious national assets lost their value, but today the government’s policies and investments will give these works the right value.

Gjiknuri also said that in the investment series is foreseen to build a new bridge that will connect Vjosa with the national axis by shortening the distance with the city of Përmet.

“This will be an important project for the whole area of ​​Permet and Tepelena,” Gjiknuri said.

News Source: ATA

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