Housing Tax, How Will Be Paid For Homes Before ’93

Housing Tax, How Will Be Paid For Homes Before ’93

Citizens owning homes constructed before 1993 will pay 30% less apartment tax, according to the new land taxation method that started implementation from April 1.

The purpose of differentiating the property tax for buildings prior to 1993 is due to the consideration of their depreciation cost, regardless of the area where they are set up.


The government-approved decision gives the municipalities the opportunity to reduce the appraisal price for peripheral areas not covered by the methodology at a reference price.

According to the decision, municipal councils can create sub-zoning according to their needs and may reduce the reference price by up to 30% of the nearest area, while for the municipality of Tirana up to 35%.

By also using the tax rate reduction of up to 30% beyond, the tax impact on households may be minimal, depending on the social policy that will follow each municipality or the needs to facilitate different communities.

The new taxation method for housing provides for the payment of a tax as 0.05% of the apartment’s value for family members and 0.20% for those buildings used for business.
News Source: Ata

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